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The Farnham Local Community

We’ve cut out most of the products from our wholesale suppliers, to buy directly from local shops and businesses in and immediately around Farnham (even though it often costs us more financially, we believe we get a better product and service).

Our electricity is a 100% green tariff (and our gas should be soon too). We reduced our landfill waste by more than 85% in the first 8 months of trading alone. And of course we ‘buy local’, wherever we can.

Even though we have our own restaurant and licensed bar, we still have a 6 page list in each room of local restaurants and pubs that we recommend to our guests. Every week, we know that on average our guests spend more than a £1,000 in Farnham alone (this outside of our hotel, and just in the local community).

We are also offering the lounge area of our hotel to local community groups, free of charge.