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An environmentally responsible hotel

Here at Hotel de Vie, we work hard at being environmentally responsible and have taken a multitude of measures to reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of waste we produce.

How do we do this?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We recycle everything we can; disks from all the coffee machine pods are separated and recycled, TetraPack cartons are recycled at the appropriate locations, paper, cardboard, glass, metals, electrical goods and plastics are separated and recycled where possible and shopping bags are reused multiple times and even repaired before being recycled. In the last three years, we have reduced the hotel’s landfill by 85%!

All of our electricity is supplied at a 100% green rate, which means we pay extra to buy renewable electricity from the national grid through our commercial supplier Ecotricity. Our three boilers use an average of half the gas consumption of an average family home, dimmer switches are provided in every room and various communal lights are on mechanical timers. Our tissues and toilet roll are FSC approved and only cruelty-free toiletries are in use.

We firmly believe that it’s the little things that count, like changing our source of mineral water and we now produce our own, Hotel de Vie branded filtered water. Similarly, printing our room invoices on a third of an A4 sheet of paper (compliment slip size) instead of a whole piece means it used less paper, and fits in your purse/wallet more easily. Plus, of course, careful choosing of local, responsible suppliers helps things even further on so many levels.

How does it affect our guests?

The only thing we ask of our guests is that they reuse their towels where possible. Although we provide an abundance of towels for each guest, we are conscious of the environmental impact of washing and drying them on a daily basis. So, if you’re staying with us for more than one night, please consider reusing your towels.

Likewise, if you’re staying with us for more than one night we try not to replace all your bedding every day – instead we just aim to remake it with your existing bedding. Of course if you have a particular skin condition or similar, or need all your bedding covers replaced during a multiple night occupancy for any reason then please do let us know in advance.